Week Preview: 21.-25.8.

Today we begin the festival week that apart from the big Merce Cunningham Centennial: Berlin, at the Volksbühne, also features many other exciting productions. In OneTwoThreeOneTwo, by Albert Quesada & Zoltán Vakulya, Quesada and the dancer Katie Vickers analyse the unique aspects of flamenco from 21.–24.8 at HAU3. Also from today, the Zimbabwe-born artist nora chipaumire presents her three-part live-performance album #PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA. On 22.–25.8. there is much delight in satirising choreographic cliché at HAU1 with the Ambiguous Dance Company and their dance production Body Concert, choreographed by Boram Kim. And then from 23.8. the RE-Perspective Deborah Hay continues with The Match and ten. In The Match, Deborah Hay and Cullberg, Sweden’s leading company for contemporary dance, show a performance in which the performers had to discard their trained dance technique. From 23–24.8. the 10 Berlin performers in ten draw strict geometrical forms at radialsystem. Finally the Japanese choreographer Kaori Seki takes up emotional ideas and feelings amidst a landscape of black sand in her piece WO CO from 24.–25.8. at HAU2.

Besides the various performances we offer following audience formats this week: in Meet the Artist, Albert Quesada talks at 8:15 p.m. about OneTwoThreeOneTwo and more about his artistic work and its backgrounds. The dancers of the Swedish company Cullberg answer your questions after their performance on 24.8. And again we invite all children and young people to a Selfie Session with the Ambiguous Dance Company after their performances on 22.–25.8. at HAU1. Saturday, the 24.8. will also be the penultimate chance to celebrate and dance together in WAU. DJ Reina will open the evening with a surprise mix and Mwadka will continue with warm house music. To the Parties