On the Sofa

In the Bibliothek im August artists and other experts come together to discuss current issues related to the festival’s artistic programme – for example the interplay of performance and visual art and the promise of the generation of 1968.

  • Dates On the Sofa

    11.8., 16:00 What remains? On Archives and Dance | Gäste: Claudia Henne, Leisa Shelton, Patrick Primavesi | Moderation: Andrej Mircev | English
    11.8., 18:30 Moving (the) Image: Encounters with Visual Arts | Gäste: Ola Maciejewska & Special Guest | Moderation: Andrej Mircev | English
    19.8., 17:00 Ein Countdown für den Modernen Tanz | Gäste: Hellmut Gottschild, Irene Sieben | Moderation: Heike Albrecht | In Kooperation mit der Tanzfabrik Berlin. | German
    1.9., 15:00 1968 – Promise of Collectivity | Gäste: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild, Michiel Vandevelde | Moderation: Andrej Mircev | English

Meeting of Minds

Meeting of Minds takes its time to immerse into in-depth conversation with well-known artists, established dance-makers and other guests: so Elizabeth Streb talks about her spectacular work and her beginnings in New York, and representatives of the Berlin dance scene discuss the city’s many dance jubilees within this year.

  • Dates Meeting of Minds

    11.8., 20:30 | Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Rangfoyer Tanzjubiläen in Berlin | Gäste: Nele Hertling, Ludger Orlok, Virve Sutinen, Annemie Vanackere, Jochen Sandig | Moderation: Claudia Feest | Deutsch
    12.8., 17:00 | Bibliothek im August Elizabeth Streb & Special Guest | Englisch

Meet the Artist

At presented talks after selected performances, the audience can find out more about the works and their background, and put their questions to the artists.

  • Dates Meet the Artists

    12.8. Thiago Granato, Moderation: Heike Albrecht
    12.8. Marcos Morau, Moderation: Virve Sutinen
    13.8. Björn Säfsten, Moderation: Eike Wittrock
    16.8. Nora Chipaumire, Moderation: Brenda Dixon Gottschild
    16.8. Maija Hirvanen, Moderation: Ricardo Carmona
    17.8. Isabelle Schad, Moderation: Elena Basteri
    18.8. Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (Voetvolk), Moderation: Ricardo Carmona
    18.8. Robyn Orlin, Moderation: Stephanie Schroedter
    19.8. Dancers of the Company Wayne McGregor, Moderation: Eike Wittrock
    24.8. Nick Power, Moderation: Raphael Hillebrandt
    24.8. Euripides Laskaridis, Moderation: Maja Zimmermann
    25.8. Adam Linder
    26.8. Constanza Macras, Moderation: Virve Sutinen
    28.8. Bruno Beltrão, Moderation: Virve Sutinen
    30.8. Silvia Gribaudi, Moderation: Eike Wittrock
    30.8. Felix Mathias Ott & Bahar Temiz, Moderation: Heike Albrecht
    31.8. María Muñoz & Pep Ramis, Moderation: Silke Bake
    31.8. Noé Soulier, Moderation: Pieter T'Jonck


Awareness Boost

Berlin choreographer Sebastian Matthias invites the audience to a special experience: he offers a series of seeing and awareness exercises that extend the perception of space, body and movement – and that enables the audience to perceive the subsequent performance differently.

  • Dates Awareness Boost

    12.8., 16:00–16:30 | Sophiensæle Landscapes of
    17.8., 18:00–18:30 | HAU3 Art and Love

Kid Action

At “Kid Action” you will transform your energy into spectacular movements and explore physical boundaries with the Elizabeth Streb’s ‘Action Heroes’: in a combination of physical training, dance, stunts and acrobatics you confront gravity, speed and impact.

12.8., 14:00–15:00 | HAU3 Houseclub
Workshop Language German & English
Apply under

Participation free of charge
max. 20 participants

Power Moves

In the 3-day workshop “Power Moves,” with Nick Power, Aaron Lim and Erak Mith, you explore the world of hip-hop. You learn the basics you need to find your style, you practice the technical moves, rolls, tricks and flips of breakdance – and you become a dance-maker yourself when you look at the choreographic ideas behind the piece “Between Tiny Cities” with Nick, Aaron and Erak.

16.–18.8., 14:00–17:00 | HAU3 Houseclub
Workshop Language German & English
Apply under

Participation free of charge
max. 20 participants


30 Jahre Tanz im August Special


The project “Scribe,” by Leisa Shelton, leads to personal encounters in public spaces: given the anniversary of Tanz im August, Leisa Shelton extends an invitation to record personal experiences and memories of the festival by sharing them with an author. A space is opened up within the project for a wealth of associations and reflections, and a special kind of archive is created. The collected memories will be made public at the end of the festival. Share your memories of Tanz im August with us by booking a Scribe-Dialogue through Please let us know whether you want to be scribed in English or German. Bookings are limited, so we recommend to contact us early. ​​​​​​​

17.+18.8., 24.+25.8. 16:00–21:00
Bibliothek im August
Admission possible at any time
Free admission

Supported by Australia Council for the Arts.

Whistle While You Work

“Whistle While You Work” (“Whistle”) is a platform for addressing harassment and discrimination towards women and marginalized groups who work in professional dance and performance. “Whistle” will conduct an open forum where the local community can engage in a discussion directly pointing out abuses of power. Together with the participants they will devise a manifesto that everyone can use to incite.

18.8., 14:00–16:00 | Bibliothek im August
Initiators & Moderators: Frances Chiaverini, Robyn Doty | English

Challenges, Chances, Changes – The Gender Issue in Dance

“Me, Too!,” “Time’s Up!” – we all know these rallying cries. How does the present moment of truth affect women dance-makers? Choreographers Annie-B Parson, Maija Hirvanen and Aydin Teker are brought together by writer and scholar Brenda Dixon-Gottschild to intimately talk about their experiences of surviving male privilege in dance culture.

26.8., 16:00 | Bibliothek im August
Challenges, Chances, Changes – The Gender Issue in Dance
Guests: Maija Hirvanen, Annie-B Parson, Aydin Teker | Moderator: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild | English