The following is a manifesto outlining immediate actions one can make against discrimination, sexism, and harassment in dance and performance. This work was collectively designed by the participants in attendance of the workshop presented by Whistle While You Work and Tanz im August on August 18th, 2018 in Berlin.  We reserve the right to adjust and compound these statements as the community sees fit in the interest of dynamic and productive change. 


Utopian Desires and the Attainable Ideal — “How do we want to experience dance?”

I will listen. 
~ despite my reservations  
~ without questioning the credibility of a person’s experience  
~ in order to understand  
~ as a form of education  
~ until I feel I can’t  

I will ask productive questions.
~ I want complexity.

I will start discussions.

I will identify complicity.
• I will reflect and respond.
• I will be aware.
• I will be proactive.  
• “I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with this.”

I will check-in.

I want others to be able to stand in my shoes.  
~ I will consider nuance  
~ I will consider edgy complexities

I will bring the virtual into the real.

I will be supportive.  
~ I will recognize long-standing networks

I will sacrifice in service of the other.

I will enforce standards.

I will promote inclusivity.

I will write about these topics.

I will perform around these topics.  

I will bring a friend.