This year there will be several workshops by artists involved in the festival. They will provide an insight into the artistic working methods and movement practices that shape parts of the programme and will give our audience the opportunity to also experience the programme physically.

Workshops in collaboration with Tanzfabrik Berlin

Together with Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tanz im August is hosting three workshops that are open to all and will explore a wide range of different movement material. They will take place on the following dates at the premises of Tanzfabrik in Kreuzberg and are open to all:

12.8. C A R C A Ç A Maria Antunes & Marc Oliveras Casas “Beyond Boundaries & Superheroes”
19.8. C la vie Serge Aimé Coulibaly & Sigué Sayouba “Embodied Community”
25.8. Hmadcha حمادشة Taoufiq Izeddiou “The Power of Trance & Movement”

More detailed descriptions of the workshops will be published soon on the website of Tanzfabrik Berlin:

Workshop in the frame of Outbox Movement

In the frame of the battle format “Outbox Me Battle x Tanz im August”, Nicole Adriana will hold the workshop “Improvisation Concepts and Interaction”.
The focus of the workshop will be storytelling. Through various arm techniques and grooves, you will first work on your own freestyle and explore your individual character. Secondly you will exchange and interact with other participants while maintaining your character.

Nicole Adriana is a creative director, dancer and choreographer from Berlin. She is trained in various street and funk styles, throughout the journey she has made Waacking and Krump her main fields of expertise. Her versatile dance experience makes her successfully navigate between battles, theatre productions and commercial projects. 


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    Workshop "Improvisation Concepts and Interaction” by Nicole Adriana

    Date 20.8., 12:00 – 13:30 | Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstr. 3, 10115 Berlin

    free of charge  | please register via

    Workshop for persons with physical disability

    In her new choreography “SOTTOBOSCO” the artist Chiara Bersani takes us with her into the undergrowth of an imaginary forest.

    Based on her childhood experiences, Chiara Bersani will hold a workshop for persons with physical and motoral disabilities that will focus on the relationship between bodies with disabilities and nature.

    The workshop will be held together with musician and sound researcher Lemmo, and the dancer and choreographer Elena Sgarbossa. They will develop a new language based on sounds and movements, that will be developed further at each stop of the tour. The workshop is thus an integral part of the performance and the participants will be invited to join the performances of “SOTTOBOSCO”, which will take place in the frame of Tanz im August on 18., 19. & 20. August in HAU2.



    “I was a disabled child, often immobilized. I was placed at a point in space, left there for a long time, and then I would memorize that point. I didn't orient myself in the paths but I knew perfectly well the places of pause, quiet, refreshment.” – Chiara Bersani

    Workshop for “D̶A̶R̶K̶MATTER“ with Cherish Menzo

    Performance artist Cherish Menzo works with electronic music, techniques from hip-hop music (‘chopped and screwed’) and rap. For her new production “D̶A̶R̶K̶MATTER” she explores the use of movement and voice, as a tool to look more closely at how we perceive ourselves and others. She looks at questions of the African diaspora and possible futures, apart from common western philosophy around ‘the human’.

    Having the desire to bring multiple voices to the audience, Cherish works with the Distorted Rap Choir: a locally formed choir of non-professional participants. In a two day workshop, participants will get to know the ‘chopped and screwed’ methodology and learn a rap anthem by Cherish Menzo and vocal coach Daniel Bonsu. At the end of the workshop there will be an audio recording that will then be integrated into the performances during Tanz im August.

    As a part of the search of the project “D̶A̶R̶K̶MATTER”, the team looks into opening an ongoing dialogue about representation of the Black body in the performing arts with the local participants of the Distorted Rap Choirs.