Audiodescriptions & Haptic Access Tour

The American choreographer Jess Curtis aims to enable all audiences to experience dance performances, also to the ones, that are visually impaired. With his company Gravity Jess Curtis has realised different projects in this regard now for some years. Among his endeavours are the so-called Haptic Access Tours, introductions to performances, that focus on all senses beside the eyesight. In his Audio Descirptions he equips audiences with small radio devices and provides them with live explanations of what's happening on stage. With these and other services Jess Curtis and his team bring unexpected artistic experiences to new audiences.

We sat down with Jess Curtis and got some insights into his work and his barrier-conquering projects. See the resulting video below.

Audio Description & Haptic Access Tour

Start time Haptic Access Tour
17.8., 20:00 | Jérôme Bel “Isadora Duncan| Deutsches Theater Berlin | German
30.8., 18:00 | La Ribot with Dançando com a Diferença “Happy Island| HAU2 | German
31.8., 14:00 | deufert&plischke “Liebestod| SOPHIENSÆLE | German

Interview, camera & edit: Alexander Krupp
Filmed at Uferstudios during the production of "Beyond Gravity" on 30.6.2019.