Tanz im August 1991

3rd International Festival Berlin
31.7. – 25.8.1991

The Hebbel-Theater will showcase major international dance works within the series “Tanz im August”. The performing choreographers are also taking part in the workshop and teaching activities of the TanzWerkstatt, in order to allow a creative exchange.

Mark Tompkins' Berlin production “Mythology VI – Wheel of Fortune” will already premiere on July 31st. “Arkadien Airlines” by the European Early Dance Company will also be premiered at the Hebbel-Theater.

The TanzWerkstatt performance series at the Theatermanufaktur will feature two programs of solo and duo works from young European choreographers entitled “Berlin Zentral” and “Doppel”.


The first TanzWerkstatt Berlin took place in June 1988. For three weeks, choreographers, dancers and interested people from many European countries, the USA and Canada had the opportunity to get acquainted with each other’s work and experiment with collaborations. Through numerous projects, workshops and encounters, the participants were able to gain experience that partly threw new light on their own work and also helped indicate new directions.

TanzWerkstatt Berlin 1989 builds on the experiences of last year and attempts to continue the underlying ideas of the workshop – working in common and encountering each other through the work – and to develop them further. Complementing these activities, the performance series at the Hebbel-Theater offers the chance to get to know productions by various European choreographers and groups. The works selected showcase the diversity and vitality of the contemporary dance scene, one which has demonstrated the power to captivate and inspire a steadily growing audience.

(Excerpt from the foreword to the 1991 programme by Nele Hertling)

Venues 1991: Hebbel-Theater, Literaturhaus, Theatermanufaktur and Charlottenburger Schloßpark.

  • Programme

    Mark Tompkins / La Plaque Tournante Mythology VI – Wheel of Fortune
    European Early Dance Company / l'autre pas Arkadien Airlines
    Tatjana Orlob Lots Frau / Eshet Lot
    Tatjana Orlob Tik Tak
    TanzTheater Skoronel Das Lächeln der Ophelia
    Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks Suspicious Counterpoint
    The Quartet – Irene Hultman – Joseph Lennon – Dennis O'Connor – Ann Papoulis Lies Revealed
    Cesc Gelabert Solos

    Roberto Castello Enciclopedia
    Iztok Kovac How I Caught A Falcon
    Vera Mantero A Rose of Muscles
    Bruno Stefanoni Halbzeit
    Christina Tingskog O, Green

    José Besprosvany
    Wim Kannekens / Joop van Brakel Good Grief
    Kurt Koegel / Howard Sonenklar Extension
    Svea Staltmann Stilleben

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