Radouan Mriziga


English & Arabic with German & English translation

Minimum age: 12 years

Duration 60 min

The culture of the Amazigh people in North Africa is passed down from generation to generation by way of stories, dance, and song. “Libya” celebrates this tradition and attempts to find a different way of writing history. The performers tackle this cultural heritage on an open stage on which lines of connection are made visible on a collective journey of exploration. The sounds of tarab, ahwach and tuareg music are combined with rap and other performative elements. A form of non-imperial history emerges, which can be perceived as a continualflow of knowledge, experience, and movement.


Normal | 22 / 17€
Ermäßigt | 13 / 9€


German Premiere
  • Cast

    Concept & Choreography

    Radouan Mriziga

    By & with

    Sondos Belhassen, Mahdi Chammem, Hichem Chebli, Bilal El Had, Maïté Minh Tâm Jeannolin, Senda Jebali, Adem Ouhaibia, Dorothée Munyaneza


    Radouan Mriziga

    Costume Design

    Anissa Aidia & Lila John

    Lighting Design

    Radouan Mriziga

    Poem contribution

    “And set them alight” – Asmaa Jama


    Aïcha Ben Miled, Nada Khomsi, Khalil Jegham

    Crew Sophiensæle

    Florian Brückner (technical production managment), Falk Windmüller, Conradin Dreßler, Marian Kipphoff (apprentice), Philip Nixon, Josephine Mielke, Ernesto Hernandez, Norman Thörel, Hanna Gudenau

  • Credits

    Production A7LA5 vzw, L'Art Rue / Dream City

    Co-production Festival de Marseille, L’Art Rue, deSingel, Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, C-Mine, Moussem Nomadic Arts Center

    Residencies Kaaitheater Brussels, L’Art Rue Tunis

    Supported by Flemish Government

    Management and Distribution Something Great.

    In co-operation with Sophiensæle

Past dates

German premiere

Wed 16.8.

from 19:00 to 20:00 Sophiensæle Festsaal

Thu 17.8.

from 19:00 Sophiensæle Festsaal


Sophiensæle Festsaal
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