Cristina Caprioli / ccap

Leafing: Undercover

in the frame of ONCE OVER TIME – a retrospective

18.-21.8., KINDL - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst

18.+19.8., 17:00-21:00 | 20.+21.8., 14:00-18:00

“‘Undercover’ advocates choreography as an active ‘concealment’ of form and meaning in both a literal and a metaphoric sense. The project argues for the gesture of art, not only as the recovering of the forbidden, segregated, or otherwise under-represented, but also, and perhaps most importantly, as the appearance of the undercover by choice.” – Cristina Caprioli


In the series “Leafing” visitors are invited to leaf through Caprioli’s thick book of dancing in three thematic shows that change weekly: “Silver”, “Spoons” and “Undercover”. “Undercover” is the last part of “Leafing” series and has a huge, black cloth spread across the floor. Unknown figures move beneath its surface and spectacular, sometimes threatening images emerge. Visitors are invited to join the undercover dancing, while on the outside, choreography is translated onto other bodies and materials in an extensive exhibition.

Additional information about each of the works featured in the "Leafing" Series

cloth.00 installation

cloth live interactive
Anja Arnquist, Philip Berlin, Louise Dahl


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    In Cooperation with KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst.

Price: Day ticket: 10 € / Admission on the hour
Discount: Leafing Pass: 18 € / entitles the holder to recurring visits to the “Leafing” series. It is recommended to book an hour slot in advance.
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Thu 18.8.

from 17:00 to 21:00

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Sun 21.8.

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