Cristina Caprioli / ccap

Leafing: Silver

in the frame of ONCE OVER TIME – a retrospective

5.-7.8., KINDL - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst

5.8., 17:00-21:00 | 6.+7.8., 14:00-18:00

“What if silver is the color of dancing? What if dancing were nothing but a child, silver coated and unlawfully reproduced?” – Cristina Caprioli


In the series “Leafing” visitors are invited to leaf through Caprioli’s thick book of dancing in three thematic shows that change weekly: “Silver”, “Spoons” and “Undercover”. The “Leafing” series will start with “Silver”. 100 silver coats, worn by audience members and performers alike, are distributed and carried around the space. Ghost, alien, carcass – each shape ready to sweep you off your feet. Estranged duets break out in this imaginary moonscape where children and coats find a home for the wicked. A closing film by Mateusz Herczka turns the chill void of silver into an overload of sentiment and colour.

Additional information about each of the works featured in the "Leafing" Series


The Missing Children, Low-key behind, at tatt2.22, The Piece (excerpt), 2alike, decover (excerpt), closure


With Anja Arnquist, Sophie Augot, Philip Berlin, Louise Dahl, Jim De Block, Marcus Doverud, Samuel Draper, Hana Erdman, Madeleine Lindh, Kristiina Viiala, Adam Schütt

Soundscape Birt Berglund

Music Pixel, Asher Tuil, Jean-Philip Rameau

Lighting Jonatan Winbo

Text Johan Jönson

Shortfilm Mateusz Herczka

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    In Cooperation with KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst.

Price: Day ticket: 10 € / admission on the hour
Discount: Leafing Pass: 18 € / entitles the holder to recurring visits to the “Leafing” series. It is recommended to book an hour slot in advance.
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Fri 5.8.

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