Publikumsformate zum Festivalabschluss

The final festival week of this 31st edition of Tanz im August has begun. Apart from the many performances we once again offered our audience many talks and engagement formats. The Audience Engagement Formats in the Bibliothek im August (HAU2) will come to an end on the final festival day, Saturday 31.8. with these two special events.

Aufbruch ins Ungewisse – Tanz in der DDR 1989

31.8., 15:00 | Bibliothek im August
Presenters: Claudia Henne, Volkmar Draeger

In this presentation the dance journalists Claudia Henne and Volkmar Draeger talk about their findings on the dance scene of the DDR before the fall of the wall. Join this talk for some insights on a small scene that expressed their criticism of the political system in very unique ways. Presentation will be held in German.

Book Presentation: Energy and Forces as Aesthetic Interventions. Politics of Bodily Scenarios

31.8., 19:00 | Bibliothek im August
Hosted by: Sabine Huschka, Barbara Gronau

The publication “Energy and Forces as Aesthetic Interventions. Politics of Bodily Scenarios” (transcript Verlag) collects academic as well as artistic explorations highlighting historical and contemporary approaches to the energetic in its aesthetic and political potential.
With: Susan Leigh Foster, Gerald Siegmund, Lucia Ruprecht, Christina Thurner, Kat Válastur, Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Maximilian Haas