Tanz im August 1994

6th International Festival Berlin
29.7. – 3.9.1994

The event series ‘Tanz im August’, by now a tradition, has become an important part of the efforts devoted to dance, particularly in Germany – and especially those concerning the interplay between performances from around the world and dedicated work taking place in classes and training activities. And yet it is now more important than ever that all Berlin dance artists and institutions make common cause to improve the situation of dance. If the first small gains that have been made are not to be squandered again, then decisions affecting cultural policy must be made to follow the insights that have been achieved.

With exceptional performances, ‘Tanz im August’ – in co-operation with an ever-growing roster of artists and institutions – aims to help carry enthusiasm for the art of dance over into the equally necessary task of creating and securing its foundations. Only in this way can the quality that moves us all, time and again, be continually reproduced.

(Excerpt from the foreword to the 1994 programme by Nele Hertling)

Venues 1994: Hebbel-Theater, Podewil, Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Akademie der Künste (Hanseatenweg), Tanzfabrik and Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

  • Programme

    François Raffinot Adieu
    Yolande Snaith Theatredance Diction
    Michael Clark Company O
    Compagnie Marie Chouinard Le Sacre du Printemps
    Rubato Hymnen
    Susanne Linke Märkische Landschaft
    Lance Gries Geophagy Is the Compulsion to Eat Earth
    Frey Faust Alone (together) At Last
    Mark Tompkins Witness
    Daghdha Dance Company Territorial Claims
    Théâtre du Mouvement Encore une heure si courte
    Lanònima Imperial Diari d'unes hores, Eco de silenci

    Rudie Ewals Beobachtungen aus dem Handgelenk I und II
    Rubato Hymnen

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