Berlin Dance Spaces

One of Tanz im August’s biggest strengths is its location: Berlin. The festival’s venues are as diverse as its performers, with each reflecting the multifaceted character of the capital. The issue of finding suitable spaces has been one that has run through the festival’s entire history, as Gerhard Bohner’s kleines Poem from 1988 illustrates.

The utterly unique atmosphere of the Berlin summer also contributes to the festival’s flair, as choreographer Trajal Harrell notes:

  • Quote Trajal Harrell

    “What makes this festival special is Berlin. I mean, people come here in the summer in Berlin and it’s both, a very specific dance festival, but it’s also about this August, early September time in Berlin and whether or not it’s gonna be cold or warm, if people are gonna be swimming or if they gonna be bowling. It really is a time when you can meet up with friends in Berlin and see some dance.“

Tanz im August means Berlin, which means spaces. Take a look at our map to see precisely where all of the venues for 30 years of Tanz im August are located.

Eine Karte der Spielorte von Tanz im August 1989-2018