2015 | Rosemary Butcher

Retrospectives 2015 – 2022

Under the artistic direction of Virve Sutinen, Tanz im August dedicated a retrospective to the life's work and career of a contemporary choreographer, every two years. Their legacy and contribution to the dance field was approached in various ways to draw attention to their life-long commitment to artistic investigation and choreographic practice. Amidst the multiple events running throughout the festival, the Retrospective Series allowed it to offer audiences a wider and deeper insight into artistic research, development, and thinking. The series  included the artists Rosemary Butcher in 2015, La Ribot in 2017, Deborah Hay in 2019 and Cristina Caprioli / ccap in 2022. 

2015 | Rosemary Butcher

Memory in the Present Tense

2022 | Cristina Caprioli / ccap

ONCE OVER TIME – a retrospective

2017 | La Ribot

Occuuppatiooon! A Retrospective of La Ribot’s Work (1993-2016 )

2019 | Deborah Hay

RE-Perspective Deborah Hay ­– Works from 1968 to the Present