Call for Participants in "La Partida"

We are looking for approximately 12 amateur-performers, who are interested in participating in the choreography La Partida by catalan choreographer Vero Cendoya.  Although it doesn´t appear to belong together on first sight, La Partida convinces one from the contrary and connects contemporary dance and football. The team consist of five dancers and five football players as well as an referee that create an exciting and powerful 60-minutes match, that fascinate audiences since 2015. Through different performance „Fan-scenes“ the 12 amateur-performers shall support both teams and constitute parts of the choroegraphy. As participant you do not need any specific competences in dance. However, body consciousness and movement experience as well as interest in group work are desirable for the collective creation process.

Prospective Rehearsals:
Sat, 1. September, 12:00-17:00 (Place: Studio HAU3) → Rehearsals
Sun, 2. September, 14:30-19:00 (Place: Lilli-Henoch-Sportplatz am Anhalter Bahnhof) → Rehearsal, General Rehearsal, Performance

The performance of „La Partida“ will be on Sun., 2nd September, 18:00. Duration of performance 1 hour. Please register until 13th August 2018, if you have time and interest in being a part of „La Partida“. An expense allowance will be paid.

Registration and questions please contact: Florian Greß