Tanz im August and Sustainability

How can you run an international dance festival with thousands of attendees – without causing devastating ecological effects? We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to develop more sustainable alternatives to existing practices that still allow us to come together, to celebrate, to experience art and culture, to enter into dialogue with one another, and to (co)exist in this world. In light of this, the issues of sustainability and ecology have become increasingly central to our work. We need to ramp up the implementation of the changes that we’ve been pushing in recent years. Recycling and energy-saving measures are already part of our everyday practice, and for 2023, we’ve set ourselves the following goals and implemented the following policies:

We are organising less flights and more train travel for the festival team and visiting companies, along with a reduction in car travel. Local transportation will primarily take place by bicycle. In addition, we are working together with other summer festivals to organise more ecologically friendly tours and transportation.

We make sure to put our guests up in Berlin hotels that are known for their climate and environmentally friendly practices and have the credentials to prove it. We place particular importance on finding accommodation that is within walking distance of the venues, in order to avoid unnecessary travel by car.

Printed Materials
Alongside a continual reduction in our printed materials these materials will be printed on sustainable paper using non-toxic ink, and wherever possible, we use products with the “Blue Angel” label. We have also introduced digital evening programmes and are working exclusively with Berlin-based printers, to reduce transport-related emissions.

Carbon Footprint
Our actions should be quantifiable: as a festival run by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, our data feeds into HAU’s carbon footprint, meaning the impact of these measures is fully documented. Our goal is to reduce the festival’s carbon impact every year.

Fotocredit Header: Jamie Hagan on Unsplash