Produktionsfoto aus "Deepspace" von James Batchelor

James Batchelor and Collaborators


Duration 55 Min

In 2016 the performer, choreographer and filmmaker James Batchelor accompanied a two-month research expedition to the Antarctic McDonald Islands. “Deepspace” is an artistic response to this journey, in which Batchelor combines dance, sound and installation. With the performer Chloe Chignell and the musician Morgan Hickinbotham he creates a hypnotic, intimate performance that examines our curiosity about the unknown. Playing at the treshold of art and science, the body is taken to the extremes of remoteness and closeness, connectedness and isolation, security and insecurity.

  • Cast


    James Batchelor


    James Batchelor, Chloe Chignell

    Composition & Live-Performance

    Morgan Hickinbotham

    Production Management

    Bek Berger

  • Credits

    Supported by: the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, the ACT Government through Screen ACT and the City of Melbourne through Arts House. Deepspace was developed through Arts House’s CultureLAB with the assistance of Creative Victoria.

    With the support of Australia Council for the Arts.

    In cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth.

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