Weekly Preview: 10.–14.8.

With "J'ai pleuré avec les chiens - TIME, CREATION, DESTRUCTION" Daina Ashbee continued the first festival week yesterday evening (further dates: 10.+11.8, 20:00, St. Elisabeth-Kirche). The piece "Urban Creatures", choreographed by Sebastian Matthias, is both music theater and dance performance. When does the digital become a danger? Please don't forget your smartphone at home (10-12.8., 18:00, SOPHIENSÆLE).

Cristina Caprioli presents "Spoons", the second part of the series "Leafing". In two quintets, two duets and a film, dancing figures meet language that has become wild. Caprioli leafs with us another piece of her complete work (11-14.8., 17:00/14:00, KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art). In "SONOMA" by LA VERONAL, led by Catalan choreogrfane Marcos Morau, drew inspiration from iconic surrealist Luis Buñuel, immersing us in a dreamlike, fictional world (11-13.8., 20:00/21:00/19:00, Haus der Berliner Festspiele).

Elle Sofe Sara brings together a world of dance and traditional Sami joik singing in the German premiere of her production "Vástádus eana - The answer is land" (12-13.8., 17:00/15:00/21:00, HAU1). In "Mesh" Maija Hirvanen questions human existence, matter, emotions and electricity (12-14.8., 19:00/21:00, HAU2). And ten dancers discover the almost inexhaustible psychological and physical resourcefulness of our bodies in the durational performance "Unearth" (trailer) by Jefta van Dinther (13-16.8., 18:00, St. Elisabeth-Kirche).

On Friday, the Library will host a discussion on "Female Indigenous Futures" with Daina Ashbee and Elle Sofe Sara (12.8., 18:30) and on Sunday there will be a discussion about dance archives (14.8., 16:00). The library will be open from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. Thursday through Sunday throughout the festival.