Audience Engagement 2022

Numerous audience formats extend the stage programme and can be attended free of charge, including Meet the Artists talks, On the Sofa discussions with festival artists and other experts, book presentations, online talks in the Happy to Listen series and panel discussions.

Book Presentations


Authors and writers of books important to the dance scene present their publications and engage in conversation with the audience.



25.8.,16:00 | Bibliothek im August | How to die – Inopiné
With: Mia Habib with Chiara Figone, Anna Pehrsson, Ashkan Sepahvand and Virgil Taylor | English

The performance HOW TO DIE – INOPINÉ, is a transdisciplinary exploration on ecological grief, cultural panic, and a feeling of collapse. The thematics are poignantly more relevant than ever. As a part of the artistic process there has been an ongoing development on transforming How to die - Inopiné into a book. The choreographer Mia Habib and editor Ashkan Sepahvand will together with the Berlin based printing house Archive Books present the work at Bibliothek im August.

The performance „How to Die - Inopiné“ will be on stage on October 7th and 8th at fabrik Potsdam.

27.8., 12:00 | Bibliothek im August | Choreografie als Kulturtechnik. Neue Perspektiven
With: Sabine Huschka, Gerald Siegmund (eds.), Susanne Foellmer and Sebastian Matthias | German

The concept of the choreographic is currently undergoing a remarkable interdisciplinary expansion. From cell movements in bodies to passenger flows at airports to ways of resolving conflicts, the most diverse phenomena now appear to be choreographed. In this context, choreography marks the cultural instance that is able to bring chaotic and confusing forms of movement into flow, to order them and, if necessary, to regulate them. Choreography thus acquires an almost culture-creating dimension. What potential does choreography hold as a cultural technique? What makes choreography interesting for research on cultural techniques? The book “Choreography as Cultural Technique. New Perspectives” examines the aesthetic and cultural implications of choreography from the perspectives of cultural theory, cultural sociology, dance studies, theater studies, media studies, and art studies. 

CANCELLED! - 27.8., 18:00 | HAU3 | tung tunn tom (schwer dünn leer)
With: Cristina Caprioli / ccap | English

The Retrospective “ONCE OVER TIME” says goodbye with the launch of the ccap publication “tung tunn tom” (heavy, thin, empty), covering the core principles of Cristina Caprioli’s take on choreography.

Happy to Listen


The online format is a possibility to actively listen to artists associated with and participating in Tanz in August. They define their own topics and investigate their own discourses, to ensure the emergence of new perspectives, critiques and oppositions. More than ever, at a time of growing inequality and global social, economic, health and environmental crisis, we believe it is time to learn to listen with care.
Dramaturgy & Coordination: Ana Letunić


5.8. | #1 Happy to Listen | Mother Dance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of a Dance Career as a Mother
Moderation: Oona Doherty | with: Stephanie McMann & Louise Tanoto

Dance artists Oona Doherty, Louise Tanoto and Stephanie McMann reflect on the circumstances in the UK and Europe of working, performing, touring and creating dance with young children, while navigating the conversation through the changes to their artistry and challenges to their professional careers. As a response to the unfavourable conditions, they also consider possible small solutions to facilitate the effort of keeping a diversity in the field as well as making the performance scene more inclusive and adaptable to various needs.

19.8. | #2 Happy to Listen | Indigenous Perspectives: Remembering, Reclaiming, Regenerating
Moderation: Martha Hincapié Charry | With: Gaia Lian & Shane Weeks

"Indigenous Perspectives: Remembering, Reclaiming, Regenerating", the virtual encounter between Martha Hincapié Charry and her guests Gaia LIan and Shane Weeks introduce the works and commitment of this artists/activist from Brazil and USA, immersing themselves in a reflection of the actual decolonial state and struggle at the American Continent, from their perspective as heirs of the lineage of the Kariri, Shinnecock and Quimbaya first nations. Remembering ancestral knowledge, reclaiming the land and regenerating all relationships has been part of their embodiment practice which is inseparable from both political aspects and everyday life.

All Happy to Listens 2020–22

Meet the Artist


At presented talks after selected performances, the audience can find out more about the works and their background, and put their questions to the artists.



6.8. Marrugeku
7.8. Amala Dianor
7.8. Frédérick Gravel
10.8. Sebastian Matthias
13.8. Cristina Caprioli / ccap
14.8. Maija Hirvanen
17.8. Robyn Orlin / City Theater & Dance Group
19.8. Oona Doherty
20.8. Martha Hincapié Charry
21.8. Pichet Klunchun
25.8. Faye Driscoll
25.8. Adam Linder
26.8. Trajal Harrell

Special Focus



23.8., 18:00 | HAU3 | tanzschreiber Dialogue: Writing about Dance
With: Cristina Caprioli and Andrej Mircev | English

Reflecting on the complex and paradoxical relationship between the transience of the moving body and the permanence of textual trace, Cristina Caprioli and Andrej Mircev share ideas about the intertwining of writing and dancing. The interrogation of the discursive dimension of choreography aims at articulating the point of intersection in which the body merges with the scripture and multiplies its planes of composition. In search of kinetic agencies, the talk drifts into theoretical speculation and affective modes of choreographic and performative practice.

Due to limited capacity, please register in advance via

26.8., 13:30 | Bibliothek im Augus|‘This curator-producer-dramaturge-whatever figure’ Reflections on and for dance presenters: making dance ‘present’
With: Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Florian Malzacher, Virve Sutinen, Ana Letunić et al. | Concept & Moderation: Angela Conquet | English

Dance is very present nowadays, yet little is known about ‘this curator-producer-dramaturge-whatever figure’ who is the presenter. Who chooses, what does it mean to choose and what implications do these choices have? In recent years we have witnessed increasing pressure on presenters to examine and recalibrate their programming strategies to be more transparent, ethical, and culturally competent. This panel conversation is an opportunity to critically reflect on what it truly means to make dance ‘present’?

This conversation is supported by the Big Pulse Dance Alliance's Local Pulse program.

26.8., 15:30 | Bibliothek im August | Retrospectives in Dance? What are they good for?
With: Cristina Caprioli, Susan Leigh Foster, Andrea Niederbuchner, Stefanie Sachsenmaier, Virve Sutinen | English

Every two years Tanz im August includes a retrospective in the festival programme that highlights the life work and careers of a contemporary choreographer. The series has included artists Rosemary Butcher (2015), La Ribot (2017), Deborah Hay (2019) and Cristina Caprioli (2022). What are retrospectives good for? What are the different concepts, particularly in the field of dance and performance? How does this process of intense engagement with one's legacy affect an artist? What lessons can artists and curators learn?

On the Sofa


Artists and other experts come together in the Bibliothek im August library to talk about current issues resulting from the festival’s artistic programme.



6.8., 18:30 | On horses, dances, pulses, feminism and the city
With: Helena Byström, Anna Källblad | Moderation: Eduardo Bonito | English

12.8., 18:30 | Female Indigenous Futures
With: Daina Ashbee, Elle Sofe Sara | Moderation: Martha Hincapié Charry | English

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Government of Canada (Embassy of Canada) and the Québec Government Office.

14.8., 16:00 | Archivkompliz:innen – Tanzarchive in Bewegung
With: Invited participants and the steering group “Tanz∆rchiv Berlin“ Claudia Feest, Claudia Henne, Alexandra Hennig, Christine Henniger, Agnes Kern (Project manager „ArchivKompliz:innen“) | German

Since fall 2020, we, the steering group "TanzArchiv Berlin", which emerged from the Round Table Dance Berlin, have been working on the development of a living archive for dance in Berlin. We want to reformulate strategies of remembering, collecting and preserving - to critically question the so-called canon. After a survey in the contemporary dance scene (2021), the symposium SENSING THE ARCHIVE(s) - SKETCHING THE ARCHIVE(S) in April 2022, we now dedicate ourselves to the artistic research of various Berlin dance histories in cooperation with four partners. In this talk, we want to introduce our ArchivKompliz:innen, their projects as well as our work.

17.8., 20:00 | Express yourself! Strategies of empowerment for women in urban dance
With: URBAN FEMINISM choreographers | Moderation: Dandan Liu | German & English