Sebastian Matthias

Urban Creatures

10.–12.8., 18:00 | SOPHIENSÆLE

The audience is requested to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance and to bring a fully charged, Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. On site, the festival team will be happy to help you install the free “Urban Creatures” app, which plays the sound of the piece on your smartphone and is therefore necessary for participation.

10.8. ● Meet the Artist

Duration 55 min

When does digital content become a threat? How do new, virtual worlds incite fear, the oldest emotion of mankind, in our bodies? In the music-theatre and dance performance “Urban Creatures”, by German choreographer Sebastian Matthias, visitors encounter odd and unruly creatures driven by fear in a living soundscape. Via the loudspeakers of their mobile phones, they listen to electronic sounds that react to physical proximity and together merge into a collective body of sound.


Concept & choreography Sebastian Matthias

With Stefanie Alf, Emiko Tamura, Gerson Sanca, Joana Hermes, Kacper Szklarski, Linn Lindström, Momo Tanner

Composition Ida Lundén

Costume design Students of the Fashion Design Institute of the HGK (Anna Lena Eggli, Damara Dimcic, Dano Huwyler, Franca Apothéloz, Emanuel Marra, Fabian Oderbolz, Gilles- Anthony Treskatsch, Parvin Ajschat Asghari, Sarah Lüthi)

Texts & dramaturgy Mila Pavićević

Dramaturgy Meret Kündig

Lighting design Sebastian Matthias mit Sanja Gergorić & Sebastian Mörder

App development Stefan Meyer

Technical direction & sound Sesign Calvin Lanz

Choreographic assistance Stefanie Alf

Costume assistance Anna Lena Eggli, Sarah Lüthi

Production assistance & administration Lino Eden

  • Credits

    Thanks to: the College of Art and Design FHNW in Basel, especially Olivia Bertschinger (design assistance), Priska Morger (artistic direction), Eva Ott (Sewing studio), Evelyne Roth (lecturer design and head of workshop Urban Creatures), Kathrin Troxler (guest lecturer and project management), Kurt Zihlmann (institute management). In sooperation with: ZeitRäume Basel – Biennale for new music and architecture, course of studies fashion design and the University of Art and Design – FHNW Basel. In collaboration with: Staatsschauspiel Dresden and SM Collaborations. Funded in the Fonds Double pass of the Federal Cultural Foundation.


    In Cooperation with SOPHIENSÆLE.

Price: 25 €
Discount: 15 €
Ticket information

Past dates

Wed 10.8.

from 18:00 to 18:55 Sophiensæle

Thu 11.8.

from 18:00 to 18:55 Sophiensæle

Fri 12.8.

from 18:00 to 18:55 Sophiensæle


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