Expedition into the Deepspace

Since he was very young James Batchelor was fascinated by a flat map of the world lying on his childhood desk and was curious about its “edges”. Particularly the white mass in the bottom of the map called his attention: Antartica. In 2016 he was finally able to join a team of 60 scientists on an expedition, executed by the Institute for Marine and Arctic Studies at the University of Tasmania in Hobart/Australia, heading to the sub-Antartic Heard and McDonald Islands. The fascination of floating on the ocean´s surface while being able to study the body in movement was a remarkable experience. Science and art processes converged with surprising synergies. The outcome of this extraordinary research phase culminates in his new work “Deepspace” which will be shown in the festival.

We've put impressions from the expedition next to sequences of the final performance – See the the surprising parallels for yourself below.

James Batchelor and Collaborators


28.–31.8. | St. Elisabeth-Kirche
German Premiere