Bibliothek im August

Since 2016 the festival artists have been asked to select three books that are important to their work and their way of thinking. Over the past five years, the collection has grown with each edition and it now features almost 500 books. This year, the Bibliothek im August library will not be presented physically but be available online. Have a look what our artists from last years and this year have chosen!

Inventory Bibliothek im August

Book recommendations 2021

Anne Nguyen

Richard Dawkins | “The Selfish Gene”

Eric Hoffer | “The True Believer – Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements”

Greg Lukianoff, Jonathan Haidt | “The Coddling of the American Mind – How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure”

Milla Koistinen

Barbara Ehrenreich | “Dancing in the Streets – A History of Collective Joy”

Jules Evans | “The Art of Losing Control – A Philosopher’s Search for Ecstatic Experience”

Minna Salami | “Sensuous Knowledge – A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone”

Constanza Macras

Roland Barthes | “Rhetoric of the image” [in: Image, Music, Text / Essays]

Roland Barthes | “Rhetorik des Bildes” [In: Der entgegenkommende und der stumpfe Sinn]

Colette Sadler

Vyjayanthi Venuturupalli Rao, Prem Krishnamurthy, Carin Kuoni | “Speculation, Now – Essays and Artwork”

Jim Clarke | “Visions of the Future – Dream Narratology in (Proto)Science Fiction”

Ben Vickers, Allado-McDowell | “Atlas of Anomalous AI”

James Batchelor

Hannah Dorita | “Event-Space: Theatre Architecture and the Historical Avant-Garde”

Sally Banes, Andre Lepecki | “The Senses in Performance”

Andrew Hewitt | “Social Choreography – Ideology as Performance in Dance and Everyday Movement”

Emma Batchelor | “Now That I See You”

Ayelen Parolin

Yuval Noah Harari | “Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind”

Walter Benjamin | “The Origin of German Tragic Drama”

Byung-Chul Han | “Saving Beauty”


Tatjana Mahlke
Jonathan Burrows | “A Choreographer’s Handbook”

Johanna Adelsberger
Erich Fromm | “Escape from Freedom”

Laura Kassé
Peter Kirn, Ernie Rideout | “Keyboard Presents the Evolution of Electronic Dance Music”

Chiara Bersani

Laura Pugno | “In Territorio Selvaggio – corpo, romanzo, comunità”

Richard McGuire | “Here (Hier)”

Giacinto Scelsi | “Viaggio al centro del suono”

Thiago Granato

Suely Rolnik | “Esferas de la Insurrección – Apuntes para descolonizar el inconsciente”

Brandon LaBelle “ Sonic Agency – Sound and Emergent Forms of Residence”

R. Murray Schafer | “The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World”

Dorothée Munyaneza

Tejo Cole, Fazal Sheikh | “Human Archipelago”

Béata Umubyeyi Mairesse | “Tous tes enfants dispersés”

Conceição Evaristo | “Insoumises – Un portrait magistral de la fraternité entre femmes noires”

Dorothée Munyaneza

Angela Davis | “Femme, Race et Classe”

Bernardine Evaristo | “Girl, Woman, Other”

E. Patrick Johnson | “Honeypot – Black Southern Women Who Love Women”

Stephanie Thiersch & Brigitta Muntendorf

Jane Bennett | “Vibrant Matter – A Political Ecology of Things”

Judith Schalansky | “Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln”

Ursula K. Le Guin | “Erdsee-Saga”

Arthur O. Lovejoy | ”The great chain of beings – A Study of the History of an Idea”

Michael Schindhelm | “Walter Spies – Ein...

Choy Ka Fai

Rob Nieuwenhuys | “Met freemde ogen”

Teri Silvio | “Puppets, Gods and Brands – Theorizing the Age of Animation from Taiwan”

Paul Bijl | “Emerging Memory – Photographs of Colonial Atrocity in Dutch Cultural Remembrance”

Radouan Mriziga

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay | “Potential History – Unlearning Imperialism”

Boaventura de Sousa Santos | “Epistemologies of the South”

Gaston Bachelard | “The Poetics of Space”

Amanda Piña

Gloria Anzaldúa | “Borderlands / La Frontera – The New Mestiza”

Amanda Piña, Angela Vadori | “Endangered Human Movements – Vol.3. The School of the Jaguar”

Cherrie Moraga, Gloria Anzaldúa | “This Bridge Called My Back – Writings by Radical Women of Color”

Lea Moro

Hélène Druver, Emmanuelle Grundmann | “Ozeane – Die Wunderbare Welt der Meere”

Donna Haraway | “Staying with the Trouble – Making kin in the Chthulucene”

Anna Tsing, Nils Bubandt, Elaine Gan, Heather Swanson | “Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet”

Image credits: Lea Moro © Tina Ruisinger | Anne Nguyen © Philippe Gramard | Milla Koistinen © Lennart Laberenz | Constanza Macras © Thomas Aurin | Colette Sadler © Mikko Gaestel | James Batchelor © Morgan Hickinbotham | Ayelen Parolin © Floris van Cauwelaert | URBAN FEMINISM © Nicole Kufeld / Shuto Crew | Chiara Bersani © Alan Chies | Thiago Granato © Sebastian Gabsch | Dorothée Munyaneza © Richard Schroeder | Stephanie Thiersch & Brigitta Muntendorf © Martin Rottenkolber | Choy Ka Fai © Katja Illner | Radouan Mriziga © Bea Borgers | Amanda Piña © Patrick Van Vlerken