Chiara Bersani with Ilaria Lemmo


Via post, national only

Booklet in English, german translation available

Duration Individually

Can a premiere take place in the intimacy of your home? Italian performing artist and choreographer Chiara Bersani explores new types of connection between art and spectators with a performative object delivered to you by post. Created in collaboration with composer Ilaria Lemmo and produced by the commissioning platform Samara Editions, “Fionde” invites you to develop rituals for processing emotions: alone or together with others. Drawing from the uncertainties and continued isolation of the past year, Bersani reinterprets the experience of getting lost and embraces this vertigo, setting out to find new strategies to adapt. After buying your ticket to “Fionde”, you will receive a box containing everything you need to experience the performance at home. The performance can happen anywhere at any time and is always a surprise.

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Trailer: Fionde

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German Premiere
  • Cast

    Concept & Words

    Chiara Bersani


    Ilaria Lemmo

    Dramaturgical Advice

    Giulia Traversi, Marco D’Agostin

    Vibration Research

    Federico Primavera, Attila Faravelli

    Desert Stories

    Marta Montanini, Francesco Cerza

    Sounds Advice

    Edoardo Bonavires


    Samara Editions, Black Box teater

  • Credits

    Supported by: Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation. With thanks to: Our first performers Silvia Calderoni, Attila Faravelli, Elena Griggio, Viola Lo Moro, Enrico Malatesta, Irene Pessino and Silvia Jill Léa Curreli.


In order to receive the box for “Fionde” we need your address details (national mailing only). So please don’t forget to put your full address when you order your ticket. Before you start with the performance we suggest to first read the instructions. A German translation can be provided on request via Email. Shipping starts at the beginning of the festival.

Past dates

German premiere

Fri 6.8.

Anytimeper post

Sat 7.8.

Anytimeper post

Sun 8.8.

Anytimeper post

Mon 9.8.

Anytimeper post

Tue 10.8.

Anytimeper post

Wed 11.8.

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Thu 12.8.

Anytimeper post

Fri 13.8.

Anytimeper post

Sat 14.8.

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Sun 15.8.

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Mon 16.8.

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Tue 17.8.

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Wed 18.8.

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Thu 19.8.

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Fri 20.8.

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Sat 21.8.

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Sun 22.8.

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