#MeToo – to be continued

#MeToo – to be continued ... We take this title serious and call attention to grievances and demand for action in the dance scene. Most of all we want to seek approaches to solve these issues and find ways for a more respectful environment and prevent discrimination.

Last year at Tanz im August the team of Whistle While You Work organised an open forum at the Bibliothek im August, to engage a dialogue about experiences of abuse and discrimination in the dance and performance scene. The workshop participants developed the ManifestX, a document with demands and wishes, asking how we want to experience dance. In a video version of the manifesto these statements were emphasized further.

On the Sofa
#MeToo – to be continued

16.8., 19:00 | Bibliothek im August
Guests: Frances Chiaverini & Robyn Doty (Whistle While You Work), Ilse Ghekiere (Engagement Arts)
Hosted by: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild

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