Aufbruch ins Ungewisse

What brisance did the contemporary dance in the the DDR had around 1988/89 before the fall of the wall? This question will be examined by dance journalists Claudia Henne and Volkmar Draeger at the final On the Sofa talk of the 31st edition of Tanz im August at the Bilbiothek im August. East-German artists like Joachim Ahne, Hanne Wandkte, Arila Siegert or Irina Pauls expressed a critique of the political system, mostly very subtle in the subtext of their works.
Before their presentation Claudia Henne spoke to us about these artists and this unfortunately almost un-explored East German dance scene.

On the Sofa
Aufbruch ins Ungewisse – Tanz in der DDR 1989

31.8., 15:00 | Bibliothek im August
Presenters: Claudia Henne, Volkmar Draeger
Held in German

Interview, camera & edit: Alexander Krupp