Martha Hincapié Charry

Berlin-based choreographer, dancer and curator Martha Hincapié Charry studied dance in her home country Columbia and completed a dance theatre & solo dance studies at the Folkwang-University Essen under the direction of Pina Bausch, by whom she also was Fellowship recipient in 2019. Her own creations have been invited to festivals and theatres in Europe, Asia and The Americas. Furthermore, she is artistic director of the Plataforma/SurReal Festival. In her curatorial practice she reflects on decoloniality processes and forms of survival that artists have experienced in their migration to Europe or as part of local utopias. She has been opening up a dialogue space between continents through a transdisciplinary reflection of the human body, were the topics of climate change, (de)colonialism, and the relationship between art, humans, nature, and the visible with the invisible world find a platform.