Weekly Preview: 17.-21.8.

What is happening this week?

URBAN FEMINSIM are showing their world premiere "Strike a Rock" since yesterday – four collaborative pieces with hip-hop, breaking, popping, krump and house (16.-18.8., HAU3). Robyn Orlin brings the practices of Zulu rickshaw drivers and their colonialist entanglements to the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz from today with "We wear our wheels with pride..." with eight South African, traditionally costumed dancers (17.+18.8.) and in SOPHIENSÆLE Mette Ingvartsen dancesmanically, ecstatically and with the audience in "The Dancing Public", devoting herself to the phenomenon of dance rage (17-19.8.). Starting tomorrow in "Navy Blue" at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Oona Doherty takes us into the dark universes of the working class, but also opens up space for hope with her words underscored by Jamie xx's sounds (18.+19.8.). With "Ashes" (17-20.8., Radialsystem) and "Leafing: Undercover" (18-21.8., KINDL – Zentrum für zeuitgenössische Kunst) Cristina Caprioli can be seen with two productions this week. "Ashes" will be musically accompanied by live electronic musician Yoann Duran (in "ASKA") and an immersive concert by composer and artist Asher Tuil ("Until Midnight", 19.8., 10pm). On the weekend, Pichet Klunchun negotiates the classical forms of traditional Thai Kohn in "No. 60" (HAU2, 19.-21.8.) and Colombian choreographer Martha Hincapié Charry her perspective on the Amazon as a descendant of the Quimbaya, in "AMAZONIA 2040" (HAU1, 20.+21.8.).

What else is happening?

Our last On the Sofa talk takes place today with URBAN FEMINISM (17.8., 8pm) at Bibliothek im August (in HAU2) and there's a Meet the Artist with Robyn Orlin (17.8.), Oona Doherty (19.8.), Martha Hincapié (20.8.) and Pichet Klunchun (21.8.).