Registration for Outbox Me Battle has started

©PanRay Photography

The series “Outbox Me Fusion Dancebattle” brings together kinetic artists of all kinds. This year, a special edition of “Outbox Me” will be making its first appearance at Tanz im August, with the concept and hosted by Nasrin Torabi.

In a pre-selection round followed by one-on-one knockout dance-offs between the best 16 dancers, a panel of renowned judges will decide who goes on to the next round each time. Over the course of the battle, the dancers are expected to interact with each other and improvise together.

The full spectrum of movement will be on display, from floorwork to belly dancing, along with hip hop, breakdancing and contemporary. The focus is on the collective experience, and the audience is encouraged to cheer along and jam together during the breaks.

Want to join? All information about the "Outbox Me Battle x Dance in August" and registration can be found here.