It’s All About... Talking: Curation and Communication in the Performing Arts

14.08.2019 – 17.08.2019 in Berlin

Communication is crucial for curators. They communicate online and offline, with artists, the audience, politicians, and colleagues. Surrounding this topic of communication, we will learn about the necessary skills from experts, discuss strategies, and exchange experiences. 

Experts from different fields will share their knowledge with us, and a group discussion will follow each presentation. Furthermore, the workshop includes inputs from two experienced curators. One of them is Virve Sutinen, Artistic director of the festival Tanz im August, the other one is Martine Dennewald, Artistic director of festival Theaterformen. Attendance of two performances will give us the opportunity to discuss artistic quality and what makes a curation good.

- Martine Dennewald (artistic director festival Theaterformen) on the topic „Communication with artists“
- Virve Sutinen (artistic director Tanz im August): Curatorial choices, artist-presenter communication
- Madeline Ritter (Tanzfonds, Company Dance On, DIEHL+RITTER): Politicians and sponsors
- Marc Lippuner (director WABE and Kulturfritzen): Social media communication, marketing tools
- Amelie Mallmann (mediator/educator, Tanzkomplizen): Mediatory activities
- Eva Hartmann (coach, producer, dramaturg): Team communication

Concept, facilitator: Karin Kirchhoff (curator festival Tanz! Heilbronn)

- Emerging curators or presenters in the field of dance and performing arts
- Artists or producers who aim to work as curators or at a performing arts institution
- Art makers of any field who want to improve their communication skills
- Practitioners from other arts are also welcome

The course is presented in the framework of the Summer University of the University of the Arts Berlin and in co-operation with the international festival Tanz im August.

Application deadline: 16.07.2019

More information and registration: