Hygiene Rules

Information about your festival visit / Hygiene Concept

Due to the constantly changing pandemic situation, a hygiene concept is applied to all Tanz im August events, which is continuously adapted to current developments and the applicable regulations.

Here you find an overview of the most important key points (as of 27.07.2021):

  • Masks are compulsory in all Tanz im August venues. You can either use an FFP2 mask, or a surgical mask. For outdoor events, masks can be removed at the seat.
  • Proof of an official negative Corona test from the day of your visit is required to attend performances. This can be replaced by proof of full vaccination or proof of recovery. PCR tests will be accepted up to 48 hours after the certificate is issued, self-tests can unforntunately not be accepted. Please also bring along a valid photo ID.
  • Children under the age of 6 are not required to wear a mask, children and teenagers under the age of 12 are not required to provide a negative test.
  • If possible, keep a minimum distance of 1.50 m.
  • Please only visit us if you feel healthy!

In the event of violations of the hygiene concept, we reserve the right to make use of our domiciliary rights and to exclude you from the event.

Please always follow the instructions of the admission staff and help us to protect the health of our visitors, guests and staff.

We answer further points below in our FAQs.

Stay healthy!


  • Is there a testing requirement to attend Tanz in August events?

    Yes, proof of a daily negative Covid test from an official testing station is required to attend events at Tanz im August 2021. PCR tests will be accepted up to 48 hours after the test result.

    Certification of the negative test will be checked by our staff at the time of admission. The test result must be presented at the entrance (either as a printout or preferably as a digital version). Please also carry your identity card with you.

    We ask for your understanding that we cannot grant admission to the event without the corresponding presentation.

  • Does the compulsory testing also apply to people who have been fully vaccinated?

    Visitors who have had their second vaccination more than 14 days ago and who therefore have full vaccination protection are not required to take the test. A corresponding vaccination certificate in combination with an identity card must be presented at the entrance.

  • Does the compulsory testing also apply to people who have recovered from a Covid 19 infection?

    Persons who have recovered from a Covid 19 infection in the past are exempt from compulsory testing. The infection must have occurred at least 28 days and no more than six months ago. A certificate to this effect must be presented at the time of admission.

  • Are self-tests accepted as proof?

    For security reasons, only test results from an official testing station can be accepted. We ask for your understanding.

  • Is it compulsory to wear a mask when attending a Tanz im August event?

    Yes, the wearing of a medical protective mask (FFP or surgical masks) is compulsory for attending and entering Tanz im August events (children under the age of 6 are exempt from this regulation). Risk patients and non-vaccinated persons are recommended to wear an FFP2 mask for their own protection.

    In outdoor venues it is possible to remove the mask as soon as you reach your seat. However, we recommend that you continue to wear the mask here.

    As it is not yet sufficiently proven to what extent vaccinations protect against the spread of SarsCov2 viruses, the mask obligation also applies to recovered and vaccinated persons.

  • What do the seating plans at the venues look like?

    The seating plans at the individual venues take into account the applicable requirements of the current hygiene framework concept of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

    At the beginning of the ticket sale, this provided for seating of the audience in the so-called "chessboard pattern" (one free seat in each direction), which is currently permitted up to an applicable upper limit of persons, taking into account the ventilation situation and other measures of each venue.

    Taking into account the respective infection situation and in accordance with the applicable regulations, we reserve the right, to adjust the hall plans and to increase audience capacities even beyond "chessboard seating" in order to be able to make the events accessible to a larger audience. This may result in you being seated directly next to someone who is not part of your infection control community.

  • What is the hygiene concept of Tanz in August based on?

    The hygiene concept is developed by the Tanz im August team in consultation with HAU Hebbel am Ufer as the organiser and coordinated with the respective partners. It takes into account the respective infection situation and is in line with the requirements of the SARS-CoV-2 infection control measures ordinance of the Berlin Senate and the hygiene framework concept of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe based on it.

    In order to enable the artists to be physically close on stage, we implement the Berliner Modell Tanz in this area. This is a concept based on close-knit PCR testing which, in addition to the general guidelines, also takes into account occupational health and safety and the recommendations of the accident insurance institutions.