The project “Scribe”, by Leisa Shelton, leads to personal encounters in public spaces: given the anniversary of Tanz im August, Leisa Shelton extends an invitation to record personal experiences and memories of the festival by sharing them with an author. A space is opened up within the project for a wealth of associations and reflections, and a special kind of archive is created. The collected memories will be made public at the end of the festival.

Share your memories of Tanz im August with us by booking a Scribe-Dialogue through Please let us know whether you want to be scribed in English or German. Bookings are limited, so we recommend to contact us early.

17.+18.8., 24.+25.8. 16:00–21:00
Bibliothek im August
Admission possible at any time
Free admission

1.9., 16:00­–21:00
Scribe Exhibition of the Memories

Bibliothek im August, Free admission

Supported by Australia Council for the Arts.