Audience Engagement Formats

Künstler*innengespräch in der Bibliothek im August

On the Sofa

Artists and other experts come together in the Bibliothek im August library and other festival venues to talk about current issues resulting from the festival’s artistic programme.

  • Dates On the Sofa

    10.8., 17:00 | Experimental Dance Criticism Guests: Bojana Janković & Diana Damian Martin (Critical Interruptions), Anette Therese Pettersen, Beatrix Joyce | Hosted by: Astrid Kaminski | Bibliothek im August | English
    16.8., 19:00 | #MeToo – to be continued Guests: Frances Chiaverini & Robyn Doty (Whistle While You Work), Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters| Hosted by: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild | Bibliothek im August | English
    17.8., 18:30 | Questions of Cultural Appropriation in Contemporary Creation Guests: Latifa Laâbissi, Grada Kilomba | Hosted by: Sandra Noeth | Bibliothek im August | English
    24.8., 21:00 | Merce Cunningham – Then and Now Guests: Ty Boomershine, Thomas Caley, Petter Jacobsson & Patricia Lent (Merce Cunningham Trust) | Hosted by: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild | Volksbühne Berlin | English
    31.8., 15:00 | Aufbruch ins Ungewisse – Tanz in der DDR 1989 With: Claudia Henne, Volkmar Draeger | Bibliothek im August | German


Künstler*innengespräch bei Tanz im August in der Bibliothek im August

Meet the Artist

At presented talks after selected performances, the audience can nd out more about the works and their background, and put their questions to the artists.

  • Dates Meet the Artist

    10.8. Nicola Gunn, Moderation: Andrej Mirčev
    11.8. Catherine Gaudet, Moderation: Maja Zimmermann
    14.8. Gunilla Heilborn, Moderation: Sven Till
    16.8. Anne Nguyen, Moderation: Saman Sebastian Hamdi
    17.8. Oona Doherty, Moderation: Andrej Mirčev
    18.8. Jérôme Bel, Moderation: Annemie Vanackere
    21.8. Albert Quesada, Moderation: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild
    24.8. Cullberg, Moderation: Virve Sutinen
    25.8. Kaori Seki, Moderation: Maja Zimmermann
    28.8. James Batchelor, Moderation: Sebastian Matthias
    29.8. Dançando com a Diferença, Moderation: Ricardo Carmona
    30.8. Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Moderation: Anna Mülter
    30.8. Alan Lucien Øyen, Moderation: Virve Sutinen
    31.8. deufert&plischke, Moderation: Beatrix Joyce

Awareness Boost bei Tanz im August

Awareness Boost

Berlin choreographer Sebastian Matthias invites the audience to a special experience: he offers a series of seeing and awareness exercises that extend the perception of space, body and movement – and that enables the audience to perceive the subsequent performance differently.

Dates Awareness Boost
18.8., 16:00–16:30 | Hard To Be Soft – A Belfast Prayer
25.8., 16:00–16:30 | WO CO HAU2
30.8., 18:00–18:30 | Deepspace St. Elisabeth-Kirche

Selfie Session

Meet the artists for a selfie session! Children and young people are invited to take photographs with the performers after the show. Bring your cameras or smartphones with you! Share your pics with us under #tanzimaugust.

16.–18.8., After the performance | Compagnie par Terre / Anne Nguyen | Radialsystem
22.–25.8., After the performance | Ambiguous Dance Company | HAU1

Foto einer Buchvorstellung in der Bibliothek im August

Book Presentation

The publication “Energy and Forces as Aesthetic Interventions. Politics of Bodily Scenarios” collects academic as well as artistic explorations highlighting historical and contemporary approaches to the energetic in its aesthetic and political potential.

31.8., 19:00 | Energy and Forces as Aesthetic Interventions. Politics of Bodily Scenarios
Sabine Huschka, Barbara Gronau (Hrsg.), transcript Verlag | With: Susan Leigh Foster, Gerald Siegmund, Lucia Ruprecht, Christina Thurner, Kat Válastur, Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Maximilian Haas | Hosted by: Sabine Huschka, Barbara Gronau
Bibliothek im August | English

Nahaufnahme einer Hand bei einem Workshop bei Tanz im August

Special Focus: Solo Performance Commissioning Project (SPCP)

In the context of RE-Perspective Deborah Hay

For Deborah Hay, giving up on performing a dance correctly or well is a political act. In an introduction on Hay’s process for organizing and conducting the SPCP, Susan Leigh Foster focuses on aspects of the choreographers work that have restructured conventional power relations in dance.

17.8., 18:00 | Susan Leigh Foster: Never Ending Dancing SOPHIENSÆLE | English
17.8., 21:00 | Panel on the Solo Performance Commissioning Project Guests: Miriam Jakob, Mike O’Connor, Ros Warby | Hosted by: Laurent Pichaud | SOPHIENSÆLE | English

Deborah Hay Documentation Center

In the context of RE-Perspective Deborah Hay

The lively documentation center by Laurent Pichaud is an experi­mental space in which the public can view, read and discuss original documents from Deborah Hay’s personal artistic archive. Situated in the Max­Liebermann-­Saal, it is an exhibition space, meeting place and invitation to the exchange of knowledge in one.

9.–31.8., Thu–Sun 15:00–19:00 Akademie der Künste, Berlin (Pariser Platz)
8.8., 18:00–21:00 Vernissage