Deborah Hay

The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom + Fire

In the context of RE-Perspective Deborah Hay

Duration 105 Min with intermission (The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom 50 Min / Fire 35 Min)

The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom (1989/2019)
Deborah Hay makes simplicity eloquent in her three-part solo, said the New York Times in 1989 about “The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom”. For Hay, wisdom becomes the tangible experience of well-being within the ordinary world. The trilogy is comprised of “The Navigator”, “The Gardener” and “The Aviator”. Eva Mohn, an exceptional dancer from Cullberg, has been coached by Hay and will perform the dance.

Fire (2000/2019)
It is almost impossible to read the dancer’s body and its movements impartially – just as the perception of the element of fire is always embedded in other, previous experiences. Ros Warby’s adaptation of “Fire” is a result of Hay’s innovative “Solo Performance Commissioning Project”, which took place from 1998 through 2012. Each year Hay taught 20 dancers the same solo, a different solo each year. The dancers, for a minimum of the next three months, found their own adaptation through their daily practice of the dance. Warby’s adaptation of “Fire” convinced Hay to alter her own career and work with dancers with similar intelligence, humour and subtlety.

  • Cast

    The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom


    Deborah Hay


    Eva Mohn


    Ellen Fullman

    Costume (“The Gardener” & “The Aviator”)

    Susan Norwood

    Custume Reconstruction

    LiLaRo Skrädderikompaniet



    Deborah Hay

    Adaption & Performance

    Ros Warby

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Discount: 18 €
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German premiere

Fri 16.8.

from 21:00 to 22:45SOPHIENSÆLE


Sat 17.8.

from 19:00 to 20:45SOPHIENSÆLE


Sun 18.8.

from 19:00 to 20:45SOPHIENSÆLE



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