Faye Driscoll

Guided Choreography for the Living and the Dead

Audio Choreography | Followed by Artist Talk

Duration Audio Choreography: 13min | Artist Talk: 45min

“Shape[s] a choreography for a moment that demands rethinking the stakes of human contact at both the molecular and the systemic level.”  —Miriam Felton-Dansky
American choreographer Faye Driscoll is known for creating performance worlds of sensorial complexity in which viewers feel their own culpability as co-creators. In 2019, Driscoll began a series of audio works titled “Guided Choreographies for the Living and the Dead”, six of which formed an interactive exhibition at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis this spring. For her latest audio work for Tanz im August Special Edition 2020, she conjures states of longing and seizes desire in a journey that reflects upon power and presence, yearning and absence. Driscoll invites you to reconceive your body and its limits in an intimate audio experience guiding you into a private dance.

Please find a quiet and comfortable place to listen, put on headphones, and allow 15 minutes for this shared journey with the artist.

From the Magazin im August: “Always Participating: Faye Driscoll’s 'Thank You For Coming' Series”, by Miriam Felton-Dansky

Artist Talk | Faye Driscoll

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