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How to Be Together? Conversations on International Exchange and Collaboration in the Performing Arts

Jointly organised by the Zürcher Theater Spektakel and Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer

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14:00 | Distance and Assembly
15:30 | Choreographies of a split country
17:30 | Wrap-up session and reflection on the future

In answer to the challenging situation that is preventing people from meeting physically right around the world, we have planned a series of discussions about the future of interchange and international collaboration in the performing arts. This three-day programme aims to inspire a trans-continental dialogue between artists, art organisers and cultural politicians, and to link those who are active in different geographical, cultural, political and professional areas. We would like to give space in several forums to both old and new questions that are being intensified by the current global crisis, such as structural conditions and the dependency of artistic production on international mobility and co-production. This exchange of specialist knowledge, experience and coping strategies at a time of lockdown, physical distancing and an imperative of social rethinking is being organised and presented jointly with the Zürcher Theater Spektakel and Tanz im August.    

PROGRAMME | Saturday 29.8.2020

14:00–15:00 | Distance and Assembly
The Performing Arts are mostly based on physically shared presence taking place in a direct encounter with an audience often gathered in a theatre venue. They generate, negotiate and cultivate various forms of assembly and they enable unlikely encounters. Such moments are vital for social cohesion and cultural exchange, which cannot easily be translated through long-distance communication. Physical distancing and lockdown isolation present even bigger challenges to artists who make participatory or community-based performances. With radically changed conditions, limiting the right to assemble, the artists speaking at this session will discuss the repercussions of the current contact restrictions for their Performing Arts practices and they will consider possibilities of how to assemble differently.

Host Judith Knight (performing arts producer, London)
Speakers Sibylle Peters (performing artist and researcher, Hamburg), Akira Takayama (theatre maker, Saitama)

15:30–17:00 | Choreographies of a split country
This session includes the presentation of the short film “About Questions, Shames and Scars” by Alice Ripoll & Cia REC and the premiere of the video performance “Pro Futuro Quilombo” by Calixto Neto, followed by a conversation with the artists about their experiences living and working in the face of structural racism, a neo-fascist government, and the coronavirus. As these crises potentialize one another, Black people and people of colour are even more exposed to the politics of death in Brazil today.

The starting point of Calixto Neto´s presentation is the reenactment of an iconic solo piece of Brazilian contemporary dance: Samba do Crioulo Doido (2004) by choreographer Luiz de Abreu. The artist dives into the history of this creation and the context that gave birth to it more than 15 years ago, and he compares it to the Brazil of 2020, like an inventory of our days. The short film by Alice Ripoll & Cia Crea emerged from their reflections of an artistic team with a director and dancers, who are very different, about a Brazil of serious inequalities, Bolsonaro’s fascist politics, COVID-19, and their performance aCORDO.

These artistic presentations are part of Brazil Hijacked, a program of exhibitions, video performances, films and talks created to give visibility to the project of destruction of culture and contemporary thought currently happening in Brazil. To do so, it invites Brazilian artists and culture activists to talk about how neo-fascist project of the Bolsonaro government is affecting their lives, dreams and future.

“Brazil Hijacked” was originally created for Antic Teatre / Festival Grec Barcelona 2020 by independent curators Eduardo Bonito and Isabel Ferreira. The presented video works are co-produced by Zürcher Theater Spektakel and Tanz im August.

Host Nayse Lopez (journalist and director of the Panorama Festival, Rio of Janeiro)
Speakers Alice Ripoll (choreographer, Rio de Janeiro), Calixto Neto (choreographer, Paris)

17:30–18:00 | Wrap-up session and reflection on the future
In the concluding session, performing arts curator Marta Keil who has observed the entire conference will review some of the main insights to facilitate thinking together of future trajectories within the context of discussed topics.

Observer Marta Keil (performing arts curator, Warsaw)

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    Ana Letunić, Maria Rößler

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    A joint event of Zürcher Theater Spektakel and Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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