Adam Linder

Service No. 5: Dare To Keep Kids Off Naturalism

“Service No. 5” is the fifth part of Linder’s “Choreographic Services,” a series of works that uses the service model of per hour or per day hire, to articulate a distinct economy for dance when it exists outside of the ‘contractual’ bounds of the theatre. In “Service No. 5,” the performers work against the onus of naturalism and authenticity that the context of the white cube has inscribed onto performance. The dancers embody various situations in which they take-on these ideologies of contemporary performance with a air for the arcane and the theatrical.

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  • Cast


    By and with

    Leah Katz, Justin F. Kennedy, Noha Ramadan, Stephen Thompson

    Sound Design

    Steffen Martin

    Costume Design

    Adam Linder

    Costume Construction

    Natalia Gattini

  • Credits

    Management: Andrea Niederbuchner. Produktion Assistance: Anna von Glasenapp. Commissioned by: Kunsthalle Basel. Co-Production: Kunsthalle Basel, South London Gallery. Thanks to: Ariel Ashbel, Elena Filipovic, Cristina Grande, Jorge Gonçalves, Anna Gritz, Lina Grumm – HIT Studio, Peter Handschin, Martin Hatebur, Hannah Hoffman, Sylvia Kouvali, Sarah McCrory, Aram Moshayedi, Shahryar Nashat, Simon Parris, Ana Rocha, Silberkuppe, Supportico Lopez, Jackson Tang, Renate Wagner. Special thanks to:  Maria Mazzone Center for the Arts & Humanities, Monteverdi Hotel, MEZZANINE, Espaço MIRA for the support with the residency .

    In cooperation with Capitain Petzel.

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