#3 Happy to Listen

…Full of Stars …My God It Is

An Evening of Reflections | With Arlette-Louise Ndakoze & Shayla Lawson

English with English subtitles

Duration 60min

…In the floating spectrum of the cosmos,
     Where to look at, Where to stand?
     Existences with intelligence have learnt to look at the sky
         To watch the stars

                               To their vibrations, turning to their rhythm…

                                                                            When did it last happen?

     …“It’s been millennia”, tells me MAÂT, Law of the Sun, Goddess
     of Truth and Justice,
             “Millennia since earthy existences with intelligence don’t
                                                  listen to me anymore.
             The last thing I heard of them were three unclear words,
                                                         Just before I heard them say  
     ‘…My God, It’s Full Of Stars’,
                                                                             Just before they
     Turned Away”.

     It is time, it seems, time again            Turn to each other again
                                    That the protectors of the Sun
                                 Ears widened for their source of life
     This time, time again                                       They decide to listen
             To what shall be remained quiet                           To exist
                                                                                In order

     In a reflection around the elements of Balance within the
     philosopher Arlette-Louise Ndakoze and poet Shayla Lawson
     turn to each other.
     To listen to what has been silenced, rendered invisible.
     Enhancing the warmth and light of what will remain quietly
     moving, not to be decided on nor quoted from, not used nor
     misused – instead, it will be fully heard from the place it is:

                                                 …Full of Stars   

     A reflection at the shores of        MAÂT      

     As intense as the suspension       In the tension of her infinite

                                                   Sonic dimension…

          …Full of Stars                                                       …My God It’s

#3 Happy to Listen | ...Full of Stars ...My God It Is

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