Magazin im August 2019

The newest edition of the beloved Magazin im August will be available free from 1 August at the Tanz im August venues and the HAU2 box office. With interviews, rehearsal reports and articles on the artists and performances.

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In our Online Magazine we give you insights into the current festival events in different Multimedia features.

Online Magazine

#MeToo & institutions

Ilse Ghekiere from Engagement Art asks questions about the role of cultural institutions in the #MeToo debate. Read more

Mother of Modern Dance

A short portrait, presenting the American dance legend Isadora Duncan, with whom the french choreographer Jérôme Bel dealt intensively for his current piece Isadora Duncan. Read On

Tanzschreiber Review

In their first review the Tanzsschreiber Beatrix and Alex chat about the performance "Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster" by Nicola Gunn. A report about humour, ducks and stone throws. Read more

Always transforming

Ahead to the German premiere of "The Fading of the Marvelous" choreographer Catherine Gaudet answered some of our questions about her hypnotizing work. Read more

Exposing humour

In this interview Australian choreographer Nicola Gunn talks to David Pallant about the humour and autobiographical fiction in her work. Read more

Reinigende Rituale

Die Choreografin Oona Doherty setzt sich mit gesellschaftlichen Themen und Gewalt in ihrer Heimatstadt Belfast auseinander. Ein Portrait. Weiterlesen

#MeToo – to be continued

At an On the Sofa talk the #MeToo discussion will get a platform once more with panelists of Whistle While You Work and Engagement Art. Read more

Let's talk about love

In this interview the artist twin deufert&plischke talks about the newest work "Liebestod", their most emotional work to date. Read more

Produktionsfoto von Nora Chipaumire mit Krone und Baseballschläger aus ihrem dreiteiligen Abend

You are a part of it

Nora Chipaumire's latest work #PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA is joyful and demanding for performers and audience alike. In this interview she reflects on the piece and on showing it in Berlin. Read more


Seeking into the Unknown

Anne Nguyen, founder of the Compagnie par Terre in an interview, about her way of combining hip-hop, contemporary dance and material arts and her latest piece Kata. Read more


Audiodeskription & Haptic Access

For visually impaired audiences Jess Curtis and his team offer Audio Descriptions and Haptic Access Tours. An interview about a barrier-conquering project. Read more

Deviating with Difference

Dançando com a Diferença deals with inclusion in dance, to end the isolation of differently abled people. A portrait on this Madeira based ensemble. Read more

The Escape Offensive

In her newest piece "White Dog" Latifa Laâbissi escapes into the jungle to regain control. We have the first images of the scenography. Read more

Into the Deepspace

For "Deepspace" begleitete James Batchelor went on an expedition to the antarctic sea. In this video feature we confront the expedition with the performance. Read more

Out of nowhere

Here are some first glimples from the rehearsal for "Liebestod" by deufert&plischke. Read more

A Concrete Song

In the poetic video project " A Concrete Song" Oona Doherty reflects on her hometown Belfast – this work initiated her "Hard to be Soft" series. Read more

Lies are good for you

A video interview with the Norwegian choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen about his newest piece "Story, story, die." Read more

Magazin im August 2017

Welcome to the world of Tanz im August 2017. This magazine offers you the chance to get to know the artists and events of this year's festival through essays, interviews and reports giving insights into the creative work of this year's artists, their politifcal contexts, their practices, their concerns and interests.

Is Dance the Weapon? | Freedom to Imagine | Artists as Activists? | Die Unbeirrbare | Entering the World of Butoh | The Art of Entertainment | Aus dem Schatten des großen Baumes | Pas de deux in Buenos Aires | Der Mut, den Kunst verlangt | A Place of Tragedy and Dreams | Tanz mit Sprengkraft 

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Magazin im August 2016

This year's Tanz im August Magazin is now available! We invite you to get to know some of the artists of our international Tanz im August 2016 festival - in portraits, reports on the background of their work, and mosly interviews. 

Figure a Sea - Using the Sky | Turn Your Fucking Head | Die Truppe aus dem Wohnwagen | Creating in Dialogue | Deconstructed Contemporary | Zwischen Fliegen und Fallen | Freiheit vom Eindeutigen | Im Stillstand um den Schuss | Envisioning Black Futurity | A Real-Time Negotiation of Difference | Learning How to Live with Exile

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Magazin im August 2015

The Magazin im August presents some of the festival's invited artists to you: in interviews, portraits and rehearsal reports, in extensive background texts and in our Snap Chat. 

All is Now | Art or Not-Art | Triune Creation | Chum! | Vorschlag für ein neues episches Theater | Sensous Situations and Services Series | Animalische Wesen in Geometrie | Choreografie im Quantenbereich | Im Widerschein der Zeit | Die Summe aller Lust-Projektionen | A Message from Asia

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Magazin im August 2014

Born out of curiosity and of love for both dance and writing, Magazin im August offers interviews and features to introduce the exciting artists coming to Berlin in August. The magazine is available at all venues and online free of charge.

Two people on stage doesn't always mean a relationship | Youtube, Hip Hop und Seifenopern | Vielen fehlt einfach die Zeit für Sex | "I like it when things are colliding" or "It is the bodies that matter" | Welches Bild entsteht in deinem Kopf? | Riding the Wave | "Ich bringe die Emotion zurück" | Der Traumtänzer | Watching music, listening to dance | Das Geräusch von schwarzer Haut auf schwarzer Haut | "Kinder sind wie ein offenes Buch"

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