Veronica Cendoya

Veronica Cendoya works as a dancer for various companies in Spain and abroad. In 2008 she founded her company Vero Cendoya Dance Co. to develop her own choreographies. Here she concentrates here on the interaction between dance and other arts, such as painting and cinema in “Stillness of a Soul”, experimental music in “Bathroom Symphony” and football in her most recent piece, “La Partida”. One of her main interests is to introduce contemporary dance to very different audiences. She won the prize for the best performance at the Festival Fira de Tarrega in Barcelona with “La Partida”. Cendoya also works in the fields of painting and illustrating children’s books.

Cia Vero Cendoya: La Partida

German premiere | 2.9. | Lilli-Henoch-Sportplatz