Pep Ramis

Pep Ramis was born in Mallorca into a family of art- and music-lovers. He studied cello, puppetry and singing. Drawing has been a part of his everyday imaginative life since his childhood. His interest in performance began in 1985, when he discovered that it united his previous experiences, with the body at its centre. In 1986 he worked with La Dux; in 1987 he took part in Adriana Borriello’s “Scirocco”; in 1989 he founded the company Mal Pelo with María Muñoz. Today he works as a director, performer and artistic co-director of the centre L’animal a l’esquena in Celrà, Girona.

Mal Pelo: The Fifth Winter

German premiere | 31.8.+1.9. | HAU1