Nora Chipaumire

Nora Chipaumire was born in Mutare, Zimbabwe, and lives in New York. Since beginning her work in 1998 she has both challenged and embraced stereotypes of Africa and the Black body, art and aesthetics. Her new trilogy “PUNK 100%POP *NIGGA” is a live-performance album, which will be premiered in October 2018 at the Kitchen, New York. Since 2012 she has been working on the long-term project “Nhaka”, a technology, praxis and working process on her artistic work. In this context she published a digital book on her website early this year based on researches with Anna Morris’s tumbuka dance company and Shona masters in Harare. Chipaumire is a Guggenheim Fellow in 2018.

Nora Chipaumire: portrait of myself as my father

15.–17.8. | Sophiensæle