Claudia La Rocco

Claudia La Rocco’s work explores hybridity and improvisation, moving between poetry, prose, and performance. Her books include “The Best Most Useless Dress” (Badlands Unlimited), the chapbook “I am trying to do the assignment” ([2nd Floor Projects]), and the novel “petit cadeau" (published in live, digital, and print editions by The Chocolate Factory theater). With musician and composer Phillip Greenlief she is animals & giraffes, an experiment in multidisciplinary improvisation. She edited “I Don’t Poem: An Anthology of Painters” (Off the Park Press) and the catalogue for Danspace Projectʼs PLATFORM 2015 “Dancers, Buildings and People in the Streets,” for which she was guest artist curator. From 2005 to 2015 she was a critic and reporter for The New York Times and she is currently the Editorial Director of Open Space, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s online and live interdisciplinary commissioning platform. She lives in Oakland, California.



PME-ART | Jacob Wren

Authenticity Was A Feeling: A conversation between Claudia La Rocco and Jacob Wren

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